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To help you understand why the alignment of your teeth is so crucial for your health and discover the reasons why you should consult your orthodontist to help you align your teeth by the use of braces, call our Orthodontics specialist and you will know! 

Benefits Of Getting Braces

  1. Prevent gum disease

Braces help align your teeth by lessening overcrowding and overlapping of teeth. Crooked teeth make it difficult to get rid of plaque and tartar on the teeth. If tartar develops in your teeth and it is left untreated, this makes your risk of suffering from gum disease higher making your teeth lose support and thereby fall out. So to prevent such extremes get braces from your orthodontist and be sure to straighten your teeth. 

  1. Cleaner teeth

With crooked teeth the ability to clean the whole surface of the tooth becomes challenging. Cleaning between overlapped teeth cannot be entirely complete while you can't access the teeth overlapped. With braces, your teeth become aligned which makes it easier to brush the surfaces. 

  1. Get rid of speech problems

The alignment of the teeth has a direct impact on the placement of the tongue while speaking. Misaligned teeth may affect the ability of the tongue to fit in the right position so as to pronounce some letters. With braces, the teeth get back to their rightful places making it easier for you to pronounce correctly. 

  1. Reduce the likelihood of injury

Suppose you have protruding front teeth and happen to get involved in an accident during a sports activity. You are more likely to bite yourself or even break your teeth. To avoid such risks, get to your orthodontist and get braces for your teeth to align them to the right positions. 

  1. Improve digestion

Remember, the way you break down food particles in your mouth has an impact on the stomach digestion of your food. Being unable to entirely break down food into the right particles for further digestion due to crooked teeth slows down the breakdown process in your digestive system. Undigested food can lead to damage to the gut lining which may lead to the leaky gut syndrome. So, to avoid such risks to yourself, get your teeth aligned back in proper shape by the use of braces from your orthodontist. 

  1. Enhances self-esteem

Apart from improving a person's health, braces help boost self-confidence. Many are the times' people with crooked teeth feel less appealing when with other people. Getting braces from your orthodontist helps align your teeth and therefore feel more confident when relating with others. 

  1. Enhances whiter teeth

With overlapped teeth, there are always gaps that are darker and often filled with plaque. No matter how hard you may try cleaning your teeth, such darkened areas cannot be eliminated without proper alignment to get rid of the gap. So, to have your teeth appear whiter, the only solution is straightening your teeth by the use of braces so as to bridge these gaps. 

  1. Reduce chances of tooth decay

The worst part of poorly aligned teeth is that no matter how hard you try to floss or brush them, you cannot entirely get rid of all food substances stuck in the teeth. With time, bacteria grows in such regions feeding on any sugar you take. They then release acids which destroy the tooth enamel leading to tooth decay. Straightening your teeth by the use of brace from your orthodontist helps you lower the chances of getting such decays. 

  1. Helps reduce chipping of teeth

Misaligned teeth lead to uneven bites during meals. Such bites result in wearing out of teeth over a period. This further causes the gaps in your teeth to worsen thereby creating spaces for the formation of plaque. So, to avoid creating more areas for plaque settlement, consult an orthodontist to help align your teeth and reduce excessive wearing of your teeth. 

  1. Prevent bone erosion

With a lot of spaces between your teeth, the more the gum is exposed causing more tartar and plaque in these areas. This causes excessive pressure on the gums causing swelling and bleeding. With time, this causes jaw bone erosion which can lead to falling out of your teeth. Since you would not like to have teeth loss, the best solution is to have your orthodontist assist align your teeth to avoid future complications.


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