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Before you book an appointment with your best orthodontist, you need to know a few things about invisalign. These are plastic aligners and relatively invisible which makes it appealing. However, quite expensive. Call us and we can discuss the cosmetic dentistry procedures costs. 

Few Things to Know Before Getting Invisalign

Before you book an appointment with your orthodontist, you need to know a few things about invisalign. Below is a list of something to expect once you have your invisalign installed.

You may develop lisp in your speech

The liners may affect your speech in the initial days. Some people experience a lisp, but others rarely do. However, it is a small issue that will gradually disappear as you adjust with the liners. 

You will wear them for 22 hours

For a successful invisalign, you have to wear the aligners for 22 hours. I thought I could leave them behind when attending a party. This means you have a total of two hours per day to eat and clean the aligner. Consequently, you must be mindful of time. 


Invisalign will affect your diet especially when it comes to beverages. Your dentist will recommend that you consume a lot of water when you have your aligners on. The aligners can make the mouth feel dehydrated and irritated. Clear cold water is the best. Colder drinks can stain the aligners while hot drinks can warp the aligners. Alcohol and sugary drinks can lead to accumulation of plaque. 

Aligners stain easily

Drinks like coffee and tea can stain the aligners especially if you do not follow the regiment bushing routine. After consuming such drinks follow up immediately by bushing the teeth. 

You will brush an extra number of times in a day

Food particles and plaque can accumulate as the teeth move and this can lead to foul breath and even cavities. Thus it is crucial that you brush teeth after eating anything. This means that you must carry a toothbrush everywhere. 

You might experience pain

You may feel some pain in the first weeks but is not unbearable. The pressure on the teeth can cause the pain. However, you should consult your dentist if the pain is unbearable. You might not experience any pain, but you will feel some uncomfortable tightness when you change trays. Some people say they are relatively pain free. 

Your teeth may need filing

Your orthodontist or dentist will recommend filing if your teeth are overcrowded. Your dentist may use other terms such slenderizing, shaving or interproximal reduction (IPR). Slenderizing is not painful but feels just uncomfortable. 


Cleaning the aligners

Taking care of the aligners is easy, but you have to take good care of them. The dentist may recommend brushing them with toothpaste of just water. The dentist can also recommend retainer cleaning tablets, diluted bleach or mild denture cleaner. 

You can see results earlier than the dentist explained

During the consultation, your dentist may tell that it will take around six months for you to notice any change. The invisalign course for an adult is around a year, and this depends on the degree of the problem. However, you can start seeing the difference much early. 

Attachments can detach

Do not worry when your attachments come off. Visit your orthodontist or dentist and have them reattached. 

Removing the aligners is an art

Removing the attachments is hard. However, you can purchase a set of aligner removers to help you with the task. Have one at home, in your car and your pocket, so you do not encounter any inconvenience. 

Follow up visits and after invisalign

You will need several visits to your orthodontist to check on the progress of treatment. The good this is that the waiting time is quite short. After successful completion of invisalign, you will need to wear retainers every night. The retainers help keep your teeth in position.

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