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Everyone wants a white, bright smile. And actually, lifestyle can make a big difference as to what shade the teeth take on.  It is best to ask our top cosmetic dentist to help you to know more about teeth whitening! 

Ways to Get Your Teeth Whiter

Brush Frequently 

 There is good sense it taking a toothbrush out to places. A person with poor eating habits that might stain the teeth, like drinking red wine and coffee, will want to brush three times daily. Otherwise, twice a day is good enough.

 Floss After Meals

  This might seem to be a pain, and if a person can only floss two times a day, then this is a great start. In fact, dentists will recommend once before bed, and once in the morning to help get their patients into a workable routine. But if you really want to get in there and ensure the teeth stay clean, then after a meal is also a profitable time to floss. This way the gaps in between the teeth will have no chance to collect food.

 Use a Straw

  This is a well-known trick among celebrities. They might want to have coffee frequently, but they don't want to constantly go in for teeth whitening procedures. So they put a straw in their coffee and sip it. That way the coffee will not hit the front of the teeth. The same could be applied to red wine, but be careful. Sipping through a straw will make a person less able to tell if they have had too much to drink because they tend to drip more with each sip.

 Drink a lot of Water

  If a toothbrush is not convenient, another way to clean teeth is to drink water. This will help to rinse away all debris.

 Use To Go Brushing Strips

  These popular strips are transportable because they are sealed in plastic. And they have a great minty taste. Each strip is completely sanitary, so those who worry about germs will especially like this product.

 Eat a Few Pieces of Apple

  This will really help to get rid of the bits that are in the teeth. It cleans the teeth as well. However, there is still fructose in this treat, so don't use this instead of a tooth brush.

 Get Professional Whitening

  Of course, everyone will want this done once in a lifetime. Nothing can get teeth whiter than a professional whitening job. There are lasers or peroxide solutions to choose from, so consult an orthodontist for more information of whitening a smile after the teeth have been straightened.

 Avoid Smoking

  People who have smoked all their lives can have so terrible side effects. Their teeth may begin to decay. If one is having a hard time quitting, then try to maintain excellent oral hygiene. Consult a doctor about smoking cessation aids before the teeth show wear and tear.

 Use a Dry Mouth Aid

  If a person is on medication, then the mouth will produce less saliva. This saliva is what helps to clean the teeth. Use a dry mouth spray such as Biotene to combat dry mouth syndrome.

 Eat Less Sugar

 Really, sugar does attack the enamel. While it might not be feasible to always avoid treats, try to minimize the habit. Make sure after a sugary treat that you brush your teeth.

  These habits and tips will have the teeth sparkling for a lifetime. White teeth are a by product of conscientious choices to maintain cosmetic procedures and avoid tooth decay.

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